Cow Burp Tax

Australia is not planning any cow burp tax. The government says that the so-called burp tax will not be applied to the cattle because of reducing methane emissions.

Will the New Zealand tax burp the cow?

New Zealand farmers took to the streets on their tractors on Thursday, rallying to protest government plans to tax cow burping and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Is burping a 'fart'?

It was criticized by the political opposition as a "fart tax" while the farmers rejected the idea. Most of the methane emissions, however, come not from farting, but from the burrows of cattle. The New Zealand government put an end to this proposal.

Why did farmers oppose BURP tax?

Most of the methane emissions come from belching, although a "burp tax" would have been more technically accurate. This was strongly opposed by the peasants, and was ridiculed by political opponents as a "fart tax".

Next steps

Cow Burp Tax


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