SSI Recipients Receive Payments! How much will it pay?

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Supplemental Security Income recipients will receive a monthly payment of $914 in exactly two weeks from Tuesday next month.

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Will be sent to recipients on February 1, aimed at the elderly, blind and disabled people from February 1.

Couples eligible for SSI and essential individuals will receive $1,371, while essential individuals will receive $458, according to the administration.

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The recipients of these payments are not getting any payments this month as they received two payments in December.

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One on December 1 and the other on December 30, the latter serving as the SSI payment for January.

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Payments to SSI recipients this year will be slightly higher than those released in 2022 because of cost-of-living adjustments made by the SSA.

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The amount paid to recipients in 2022 was $841. This year's payout will be 8.7% higher after adjustments.

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The SSA will issue double payments this year to recipients in March, June, September and December.

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Will SSI Recipients Receive Payments? How much will it pay! 


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